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During Lent, we usually make time to serve one another and our community with volunteer work. We do have a few of those opportunities available, but with the pandemic and everyone quarantining, we also know how challenging it can be to get out these days. Therefore, here are some spiritual practices we can embrace during these six weeks of Lent. Some are quite easy (who can’t pray for three minutes?), and some are the kind of challenge that may take a lifetime (forgiveness is often a struggle). Throughout these weeks of Lent, join with us as we all work on our own spiritual health and follow Jesus’ lead to love and he has loved us.       

Week 4 (March 14-20)  Forgive and Let Go! Find a way to let go of an old grudge and forgive. Prayerfully consider who it is in your life you’ve held hostage by your own bitterness and anger. Take the big step toward freedom for that person and for you. This may require a face-to-face meeting, or it may be something you do on your own without that person present. Letters that never get sent, entries into journals, imaginary conversations, and real ones are all possible ways to meet this challenge.  This work of forgiveness is ultimately your own blessing as you let go of your own pain.

On these weeks, the most important thing is that we all attempt these challenges to the best of our abilities. This doesn’t mean we have to succeed at all of them, all the time. Each day is a new day. If you forget to do your challenge one day, that’s okay.  Start over tomorrow and try again.  As we walk together through these weeks, may we all find ways to build up one another and encourage one another in faith. This journey isn’t a journey of one. It is ours to share. 

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