Well, hello there!  Yes, we’ve entered the 21st Century and now have a blog!  I’m hoping this blog will be more than just the voice of the pastor, but rather will be the voice of this community of faith as it wrestles with faith right in the middle of real life.  At present, we’re working on this blog, on an app (which might be especially helpful for people traveling on Sundays), and online giving options.  I am still trying to figure it all out, but hoping that our authentic voice will be heard, even in these new media.

Today, I’m wrestling with how difficult faith can be when the people we love hit hard times.  Someone has a death in the family, someone loses a job, a home, someone has a failure they can’t recover from, and at those moments faith seems so hard.  I remember a time when a friend said she had stopped praying.  Life had thrown her too many curve balls and she was not sure God was there at all.  So she had stopped praying.  I told her, “Then we’ll pray for you.”  And I did.  And others did.  We carried her through that tough time.  In the middle of it, everything seemed lost.  Today, we look back and rejoice at how she got through it.

If a church is anything worth keeping, it is a community that finds ways to carry its people through the toughest times.  It is a community that celebrates with joy the great things that are happening in the lives of its people.  It is a community that points out where God has clearly been.  It is a community that reacts with equal measures of courage and compassion.  Sometimes, we hit the mark.  Sometimes, we fail to be this kind of community.

With God’s help, those times of failure will become rarer over the years.  Love to all of you.