Pastor Jolin McElroy Holds Portrait of Dalin Adrong

Last year, First Christian Church lost a beloved member of their congregation, Dalin Adrong, due to a broken safety system at work.

Sadly, his loss has been overshadowed by the way the North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) agency dealt with the tragedy. Instead of penalizing employers for breaches in safety that lead to tragedies like that of Dalin Adrong, they shield them from hefty financial penalties.

“This was a senseless loss of life. This family is really kind of the best of the American story. This was a refugee family that came to the U.S. because of religious persecution in Vietnam. And then to lose one of the key pieces of your family in such a tragic way. They are a strong group and they move on and they move forward but I know in their hearts there is a piece there that is shaped like Dalin.” Reverend Jolin Wilks McElroy

First Christian Church mourns the loss of their beloved family member and hopes to shed light on the system issues that lead to the loss of other employees like Dalin due to safety system negligence in the hopes of improvement.

For the full article on the relationship between worker deaths and company penalties in North Carolina and to see the video of Reverend Jolin’s response, please visit this website.