FCC Covid 19 Updates PPE Mask

A word from the Pastor… 

Dear FCC Members and Friends,

I pray you are doing well today. In an effort to address concerns over Covid-19 now detectable in Mecklenburg County, we are making some changes to our regular schedule. This is based on a plan of social distancing, which requires temporarily suspending in-person gatherings, programming, and meals together to further prevent the spread of infection.

Beginning this Sunday, 3/15, we will not be gathering for worship in our church building, but will be meeting via our livestream on Facebook Live only. This week the service will be mostly as previously planned, with the choir and congregation missing. We hope you’ll be singing with us from home! Elders will be emailing their meditations and prayers, which will be read online at the appropriate times. Bulletins are being emailed to the congregation on Friday mornings. If you would like to receive a bulletin, please contact the church office at 704-334-3771 before Friday at 12:30 pm or ask your elder to email a copy to you.  

Moving forward, services will continue to be handled via livestream until further notice. Again, this is a temporary measure to reduce the spread of the virus and not a permanent plan. During this time and uncertainty, let us be good to one another and check on one another by the means that are available to us: phone, text, social media, video calls, email, etc. If you know of a concern that is immanent, please contact me so I can reach out as well.  

Of course, our finances are not as important as the safety of our community. Having said that, these changes are bound to cause some financial challenges for our small-but-mighty congregation. Please prayerfully consider increasing your financial contributions, or by making a special gift to support our church through these challenging days. As always, checks can be mailed to the church office or you can make a gift online by visiting this link.

Please see the additional resources available on this website, including words from other leaders in our congregation.  

Here is a list of the other changes to our schedule:

  • NO Work Day planned for tomorrow, March 14

  • NO Sunday Worship Services, including Dao Blung Hlao congregation

  • NO Adult Discovery Class

  • NO General Board Meeting planned for Sunday (Julie Bogguss will send an email to Board members about options for conducting necessary business)

  • NO Choir Practice

  • NO Lenten Season of Service Volunteer Opportunities for the Dilworth Soup Kitchen and Crisis Assistance 

  • NO Dilworth Soup Kitchen dining room service (take-out lunches only will be provided)


Homebound and hospital visitation is suspended until further notice. Your Elders and I will be most willing to talk and pray with you by phone or video call as needs arise.  

We know God will respond to our prayers wherever they’re prayed! Stay safe and healthy, friends.  We will be updating you as changes occur.  

In Christ,

Rev. Jolin Wilks McElroy